No Need to Fear Change

Butterflies are so beautiful to watch flying, especially ones that are so colorful. But what if they wanted to stay a caterpillar?
Look at all the wonderful things it would have missed. A butterfly gets to experience flight. It gets to see life from another perspective – above it all. It gets protected from animals that can eat it as it flies away. All these experiences come about because it was willing to change.
How many of us fear change? Moses did in Exodus 4:13. He saw a bush speak and burn while not being consumed. He saw a pole turn into a snake and back into a pole again. And yet, he didn’t want to trust God to send him back to Egypt to experience even cooler stuff. He got comfortable with his lifestyle – leading the sheep in the desert. Life was good. How could it get better, could it? God showed Moses how life could get better, but change meant getting out of his comfort zone. He didn’t want to do it at the start, but eventually did.
God wants to show us Who He is and what He can do. It necessitates that we allow Him to change us. Change means getting past we what we know to what we don’t know. It means letting Jesus rid us of certain behaviors, our drugs of choice, He knows are not good for us. He knows we’re afraid to let go, but asks us to trust Him.
Each day we can either choose our drugs of choice knowing how they’ll initially make us feel or we can choose to listen to and do what Jesus says to do believing He can make us feel great in the long run. We can soar over our daily challenges. We don’t need to fear change, but can embrace it as Jesus makes our lives better.

Set Fre“E” Nowww

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