Risk Taking Is Good

Imagine picking a cluster of grapes so big it takes two men to carry it. The Israelites didn’t have to imagine it. They carried it! And God was going to give them all this and more. All they had to do was have faith in God Almighty to give them victory as they fought a few battles! Would they take the risk and enter the land despite the obstacles and fighting?
Nope. After doing a risk-benefit ratio study, they found the risks far outweighed the benefits. Why? One of the reasons was their view of God was way too small. Remember they came from Egypt where among other things people worshiped the gnat, the dung beetle, and the cow. These were the images in their heads when they thought of God. In fact, they made a cow out of gold and called it the LORD.
In Psalm 8:1 the LORD is described as being bigger than all creation, let alone a cow! His glory is above the heavens. He’s humungous! The risks were weighed against the idea that their God couldn’t handle the fighting. They were thinking God was a bug who would get squashed, rather than the maker of the universe who did the squashing.
How big is Jesus to you? Is your drug of choice bigger than Jesus, like a cow that is eaten for meat? Or, is He bigger than the universe, let alone your drug of choice? There are spiritual battles to be fought on your journey to be more like Jesus. These battles are winnable because we serve and love a humungous God!
Risk taking is easy when you know who your God is and what He can do. Keep fighting by using the FREEdom Process to filter out the garbage thoughts that lead you to drug of choice and focus on your humungous God. Taking steps of faith, risks, will transform your life to the point that your God will not only give you hope to continually go forward, but can also use you to give new hope to those around you.

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