Seeds of the Future

My wife, Jan, and I were working our way to the Soda Springs in Yosemite National Park when we came across a meadow that was under reconstruction. The Park Service wasn’t allowing anyone to walk in this particular area in order to allow the plants to mature without interference. In this same meadow were young pine trees, which you see in the picture. What’s interesting about this process is that it will take quite a few years for them to match the size of the trees in the background.
A lesson we can learn from this is that if you want a pine tree you’ve got to plant the seed and you’ve got to plant it sometime. Full grown pine trees just don’t appear out of nowhere!
It’s the same if you want to become more like Jesus and experience all that He has for you. You’ve got to plant the seeds sometime. If you want to be able to filter out the garbage thoughts already in your head or screen out the incoming lie-based messages that rob you of your peace and joy, you must plant the seeds of God’s Word – truths at the point of the lies – into your brain today.
If the Park Rangers hadn’t decided to protect this meadow today, there would be no future shade and beauty for humans to enjoy or homes and food for animals later. They had to start sometime.
Yes, it will take to experience total victory over your drug of choice. This victory starts, however, with admitting your way of living doesn’t work (barren meadows) and seek the shade of Jesus (the full grown pine trees) by planting seeds of truth into your brain. Make the decision to plant those seeds today. Open your Bible. As you read it (you’ll find a yearly reading schedule under the Resources tab) ask Jesus to show you what seeds you need to plant (i.e. memorize and mediate) into your brain. Get starting today in planting the seeds for future growth.
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