Be an Experiencer not Picture Taker

When I go to Israel each year, I have the opportunity to see Israel’s many sides. This country has so much to see that it’s almost impossible to soak it all in. Because of this, I find it interesting to see people scrambling to take pictures, and then running to the next spot only to scramble to take yet another picture. It appears they’re so busy taking pictures that they never stop to enjoy the place they’re visiting.
Christians can be the same way. We talk about heaven and going home so often that we forget that Jesus came to earth so we can enjoy life now, not just when we arrive at the Pearly Gates. Let’s not forget that He is the Way, the Truth and The Life. We’re not supposed to just hang on until we get home. We’re to enjoy spending life with Him each day.
Living with a biblical worldview makes this possible. The Set Free Nowww principles help us filter out the lies that rob of us Life so we can be an experiencer of Life, not a picture taker. Slow your thoughts down today. Have a conversation with Jesus as your go about your day. I don’t know about you, but enjoying Life is better than rushing through it.
Set Free Nowww

One thought on “Be an Experiencer not Picture Taker

  1. Well, I get it, but I do love ALL my Israel pics! And I just plan to keep going back and enjoying the moments there along with the picture taking. 🙂 I will take fewer pictures each trip, maybe.

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