Emotions Under Control Is Strength

Losing control of your emotions is a sign of weakness, not strength. “Did losing your emotions make your logic become clear? Did your points carry more weight? Did you somehow persuade your opposition to see things your way by shrieking at them like some wild banshee? When you scream at others you become like a child trying to bully their way to victory.”
If you know who you are, why scream? As children of God we are to filter our emotions through the Word of God. Anyone can express their emotions as seen in a comic I read today. The first panel shows a cat saying, “Bad mood, coming through.” The next panel shows the cat stepping in a bowl that splatters its contents all over the cat’s owner. The last panel shows the owner visibly upset, “You stepped in my guacamole!” To which the cat responds, “You’re too close to the tracks.”
Only those who are secure in Christ will surrender their emotions to be used by the Spirit to bring peace to their own heart and help to those around them. We can either control our emotions or they can control us. If it’s the former, we’ll show God’s great strength and save the mess.
“S”et Free Nowww

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