Presence While Performing

I often get asked by those who are trying to understand how to live with a Biblical worldview, “How far should I take it?” I refer them back to Colossians 3:17 and ask, “What isn’t included in the ‘whatever you do’?” Every decision needs to be filtered through the Word of God.
After saying that, I usually can go deeper with them as to why this is necessary. I ask them another question, “How often do you want to be in His presence where the good stuff, life, is found?”
Christians often spend lots of time focusing on what they should or shouldn’t do, rather than the heart of the issue, which is walking with Jesus. Since Jesus is my friend, how much time do I really want to enjoy being with Him? Being a believer in Jesus is about being with Him while I do what He asks me to do. I don’t do anything for Jesus. I do what I do with Jesus. Being and walking with Jesus is done by using our Biblical worldview to filter out anything that could take me out of His presence. Why would I exclude some areas of my life (business, work, parenting, friendships, etc.) from this process? Wouldn’t I be allowing those excluded areas to rob me of His presence and the joy that comes from being in it?
My challenge today is this: learn to live in His presence while performing every one of daily tasks.
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