Faith Fights Discouragement

I received an email yesterday from someone wanting help. I wasn’t sure how to respond to it. This morning I was battling discouragement and didn’t really want to go on my prayer walk. Talking with God was the last thing I wanted to do at that time. Besides, it was dreary overcast day that only added to the downer. I went anyways by Exercising the truth.
As I was out, I got a sense that I should cut my walk short. I filtered this thought and instantly recognized that it couldn’t be from Jesus. He wanted to talk to me. Why would He want to cut it short? Instead of turning left toward home, I exercised the truth by turning right and kept walking.
After about a half mile I noticed a line of cars parked on a dirt road. I then remembered it was the day a local church hands out food to those in need. As I know the pastor I stopped by to encourage him. As I saw the line of cars it hit me. This pastor could meet the need of the person who emailed me. Immediately I emailed the pastor’s number to the person wanting help.
Guess what? I just did the “good work” Jesus created me to do (Eph. 2:10)! Exercising the truth by faith to use my biblical filter so I could hear Jesus’ voice and do what He created me to do brightened up a very gloomy day.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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