The Power of God’s People

I had to ask my Bible Impact partner’s forgiveness this morning. He stopped me as I was sharing how I was processing that one area of my life (1 of 4 P’s asked in BIG) the Spirit wants to change (Yes, I am in a BIG). I was sharing how my mind was being slammed real hard since we last met. He asked, “Why didn’t you call or text me? In fact, did you call or text anyone?”
I had to drop my head and say, “No. Will you forgive me?” Of course he did, but God drove the point home. What part of James 5:16 don’t I believe? If I want my life to be changed, the Holy Spirit can do it all by Himself. Yet, it is the same Spirit of God who had James write the truth that I will be healed as other believers pray for me. The last W or Walk with other believers is a crucial part of the life-change process.
I violated that principle and paid the price of fighting discouragement and with it the temptation of my drug of choice longer than I had to. It’s our choice – yours and mine – how long the battle for freedom will be waged.
It’s been said that we can walk faster alone, but we can walk further with others. There is tremendous power in people praying empowered by the Spirit.
Set Free Noww“W”

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