Letting Failures Go

Baseball is a great game. Where in the world can you get paid millions of dollars to fail 70% of the time? Three hits in ten plate appearance are considered successful! How then do the successful hitters approach each at bat? They put their last at bat, their last failure, out of their mind and focus on their current time at the plate.
Paul states this truth in Philippians 3:13 where he challenges healthy believers to forget yesterday, the last mistake, and press on towards the goal of being like Jesus. On this journey, you may strike out from time to time. If you do, you have two options. You can either focus on your last failure or press on towards the victory. I encourage you to head toward Jesus, ask forgiveness, get up, and start walking again in the Spirit’s power. If not, we will fail again the next time.
Take the bat out of Satan’s hands (the one who’s beating you up over striking out) and focus on your next at bat – seeing God give you victory over that drug of choice. He wants you to experience victory over sinful habits that drag you down. He wants you to know real joy, love and peace.
“Do your work by faith, and leave the results with the Lord. Always strive to do your best; but if you do occasionally strike out, don’t sit on the bench feeling sorry for yourself. Get ready for the next time at bat.”
Set Free “N”owww

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