Live Like You’re Alive

In my MiniChurch this past week we were discussing the book of John when we came across the phrase, “in Him was life.” I asked the group, “Ever heard of the walking dead?” Blank stares. I rephrased the question, “Have you ever seen a dead marriage?” Man, you should have seen the reaction. They were throwing out descriptions left and right. They got the point that some people are alive physically, but are not actually living.
Jesus came to give us life, not existence. We already have a heartbeat. Air is already coming in and out of our lungs. What is not readily apparent is whether we’re actually living. The following phrase rings true, “If you’re not busy living, you’re busy dying.”
Jesus describes Himself as The Life. We must walk with Him throughout our day in order to experience that life. How, you might ask? Use your biblically-based truth filter. Use the truths at the point of the lie you’ve garnered from the Word of God and zap those lies that lead you to death, your drugs of choice. Then ask the Spirit of God to give you the strength to exercise those truths in your daily decisions. You’ll experience life as you practice this FREEdom Process.
We all can show others the real Jesus by walking in life today, not be among the walking dead.
Set “Free” Nowww

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