Are You Sure?

reallyI recently came across this quote in our local newspaper. “Three-fourths of the mistakes a man makes are made because he does not really know what he thinks he knows.” I couldn’t agree more. I like to say it a little different. We only know what we know when we know it. Are you sure what you know is right? We will act consistently with how we think. Thus, if we want to see our behavior changed, our drugs of choice removed, we must change the way we think (Rom. 12:2).
In changing how we think, we must have a source outside ourselves to match our current thinking with in order to see if it’s right or not. This is where reading the Bible to hear Jesus is crucial. We don’t read it because it’s what “good Christians” do. We read and listen to it because it’s the Source of truth to measure our thinking against.
Again, let me challenge you to make a commitment to listening to Jesus by reading through the Word of God in 2013. Download the Read the Bible in a Year chart in Resources and get started. As you do, you’ll begin to your see your mistakes become fewer and fewer and your joy become greater and greater. Are you sure what you know is right? Check it out with the Word.
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  1. I’ve shared the Freeze frame and what does the word of God say about it too many people. The next week when I went back to the store the little stocker girl told me how depressed she was that day and how what I shared with her changed her life. She used what (you) I shared with her and she’ll never forget me. Thanks for being obedient to God PC.

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