I See You

peek-a-booI was on my prayer walk last week when I saw a truck parked along my path up the road. The closer I got to the truck I could see movement in the front seat. When I was about five feet away I saw it was a couple making out. As I tried to nonchalantly walk by the truck’s open window, the gentleman said hello while the gal had her head buried in his chest. She didn’t want to be “seen” by this stranger. When I saw this I was reminded of the Peek-a-Boo game I played with my small children. Just because they put their hands over their eyes, didn’t mean I wasn’t there or couldn’t “see” them.
We’re just like my kids or this gal when we don’t get into the Word of God to listen to Jesus. We think that by ignoring Jesus He can’t see us. We believe that by not reading His Word He can’t talk with us. Jesus is God. He can see everything, including what’s in your heart! Ready or not, He is ready to talk to you. He loves you. He wants to draw you closer to Him by removing what’s between you and Him – your drug of choice.
Take the challenge to daily read through the Word of God in 2013. Download the Read the Bible in a Year chart in Resources and get started listening to Jesus. He knows exactly what you need to hear and how to say it.
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