Choose Peace over Anxiety

I was driving to Big Bear, California when it started to snow. Keep in mind that I’m a warm-hot weather person who never drives in snow, let alone snow covered roads. I was perfectly fine until the snow started to come down harder. Then one by one I’d see cars stop by the side of the road to put on their chains. Then it hit me…anxiety. My heart began to race. The tension inside my chest started to rise. I didn’t like the feeling.
I had a choice. Choose life by getting rid of the anxiety or death by letting the tension build. I chose life. I focused on the truth. Truth: I had a perfectly good set of chains in my car, though I didn’t want to have to stop and put them on. Truth: a CHP officer, who was only 3 cars ahead of me, was still going. Truth: the car in front of me was still kicking up water from its tires. Truth: cars coming down the hill weren’t wearing chains.
Instead of focusing on the snow, the cars putting chains on, and my lack of experience, I focused on the truths. Using the FREEdom process replaced my anxiety produced physical symptoms with God’s peace and a lower heart rate. The Bible says if we focus on the Lord, the Truth, we’ll experience peace of mind or life. The Bible is true. I experienced it as I arrived safely at our nice warm and cozy cabin.
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