Life and Death Together

Death and life can exist together. What in the world? Let me explain. A few days ago I was to give a presentation before a group of fellow pastors. I arrived early to spend some time praying and going over my presentation one last time. When I arrived at the meeting hall, however, nothing was ready. The monitor and projector wires were disconnected from the computer. The computer screen was blue. The computer that ran the sound was not working. And once I plugged in the projector cables into the computer the projectors couldn’t find the signal.
Starting to feel a little stressed? Maybe your blood is beginning to boil? Jesus is life and with Him are peace and joy. If you’re not experiencing them you’re embracing death while at the same time you have the Author of Life living inside you. This is how death and life exist together.
You can choose to handle the above situation your way, which is another way of saying you’re sinning, which produces death (Rom. 3:23). When you choose death, you’re choosing to put distance between yourself and God, which means your peace decreases and your anxiety levels increase. Instead of tasting joy, bitterness washes over your taste buds.
I chose to process the situation through my biblical filter and plugged into Life, Who brought peace to the situation. There were a number of truths I focused on to keep the taste of joy in my mouth and peace in my mind. I experienced Life in the midst of a life robbing situation. So can you! Oh by the way. The Spirit really spoke through the presentation too.
“S”et “Free” Nowww

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