Extra Eyes Needed

Another principle surfaced as I learned to snowboard. I needed another set of eyes to help me, a snowboard instructor. I only knew what I knew at that point in time and it wasn’t snowboarding!
As I went down the hill the instructor could watch what was important – my feet. After a very frustrating first run down the hill, he reiterated to me that my body language was still thinking surfing not snowboarding. Heals and toes. Heals and toes. So on my next run down it finally clicked. I started thinking like a snowboarder. I gently glided down the hill.
Then he made another observation. When I started going too fast I reverted back to my old thinking, which only led to crashing. He told me to trust my new way of thinking, heals and toes. Guess what? It worked!
We need another set of eyes on our journey to let the Spirit replace us with Jesus (James 5:16). Who is your second set of eyes? We need them to observe and to listen to us so they can catch us going back to our old thinking and the lies that led us to take our drug of choice (the area the Spirit wants to change) in the first place. In a biblical worldview this is your Bible Impact partner. We are saved individually, but we become like Jesus with others. Give someone permission to watch and speak into your life. Get into a Bible Impact group (download the card from the Resources tab) and follow the “P’s” to freedom.
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