Fail Forward

fail forwardMy snowboard instructor said, “If you’re not falling, you’re not taking risks. If you’re not falling, you’ll never have fun.” Falling means you’re taking risks. Risks means you’re learning. Learning means you’ll put what you learned into practice the next time. Each time you learn you’ll get better at snowboarding, which means you’ll eventually have fun. Oh yeah, falling can hurt. Know what? I finally did have fun!
Jesus calls us to have faith. In fact, without faith we can never please God (Heb. 11:6). Faith is another word for risk taking. Our God wants us to trust Him; yet He knows we will fall along the way. This is one of the reasons why He provides us with grace and mercy. Mercy covers the sin of the fall. Grace gives us the hand up from the fall. The natural question that arises is, “Will we learn from the fall and then practice what we learned next time?” In other words, will we use the Freedom process to retain our brains?
If we do, we’ll see our drug of choice (i.e. the area of our life the Spirit wants to change) removed and replaced with Christ-like character. As this happens, we’ll definitely being having fun! And by the way, like my snowboard instructor, Jesus will be there every step of the way to give you that hand up.
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