Preparing for Coming Storms

I’ve had a great time in my BIG reading lately. As you know, I read through the Bible each year. This year the Lord would tell me what book to read next. Then I would read that entire book according to my read the Bible through in a year schedule.
This past week I “just happened” to be in James and Psalms. While reading James the Spirit was telling me a test was coming, not a temptation, but a test. In Psalms I was reading about how idols, another name for our drugs of choice, can’t speak, see, hear, walk, touch or do anything. They can’t help me, but they can certainly take me out of Jesus’ presence.
In the Spirit’s power I was able to ace the test because I was ready for it. The Spirit took another step in replacing me with Jesus.
This entire story is what living with a biblical worldview is all about. Our God wants to speak to us (aka listen to Jesus and do what He says). He wants to “be a light unto our feet” so we can experience victory. As any good father would do, our Heavenly Father will show us the right path to walk on when tests come. If we’ll only listen to Him like Jesus did (Jn. 5:19).
Storms come into all our lives. It’s my prayer that you’ve been in the Word today. Who knows, maybe the Spirit will prepare you ahead of time.
“S”et Free Nowww

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