The Necessary Outside Source

In the age of texting where we shorten our words, how do you read the following? UCR Dad
I have sweatshirt that has UCR Dad stitched on it. As my son goes to the University of California Riverside, it’s a nice way of saying I’m the proud parent of child who attends this school; thus, the lettering UCR Dad.
One day when I wore my UCR Dad sweatshirt a buddy looked at me with the most quizzical look on his face. I noticed it and asked, “What?” He said, “Why are you wearing a sweatshirt that says ‘You see our dad?’ Did your kids give it to you for Father’s Day or something?” I had to laugh because I never “saw” it that way. I told him what it meant and we both laughed.
We both were looking at the same lettering, but saw something very different where both could be true. This is why we need an outside source to show us what the truth is, especially in our relationships. Our mates, our friends, our kids can see life one way while we see it very differently. This difference of opinion can cause a lot of friction that could result in heated arguments and hurt feelings.
This is why living with a biblical worldview is so important to every day life. Are we willing to filter every thought, every conversation, and every word through the Word of God? We’re looking at life through our perspective, which may or may not be right. We need an outside source to show us what the truth is. Filtering life’s situations through another perspective – God’s – can save us from a lot of hurt feelings.
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