Quick Down Quick Up

I played football during my high school days. I loved playing on Friday nights, but hated the daily practices. I especially disliked one drill, “burpees.” In doing a burpee, you’d fall the ground face down and then push yourself back up onto your feet as fast as possible.
The purpose of this drill was to prepare you to play on Friday nights. You could find yourself on the ground during the course of a game. At that point, you had a choice. You could either stay on the ground and let the game pass you by or get up and back into the action. If you wanted to stay playing on Friday night and enjoy all that goes with it, you really had only one option.
It’s the same with being a healthy believer in Jesus. You will get knocked down by life’s situations. At that point, you can either stay down and keep taking your drug of choice or get up and walk with Jesus, where real life is found. My friend calls this, “Quick down. Quick up.” This is made possible by Jesus through His grace and mercy. We don’t take advantage of this grace and mercy, but we’re certainly going to rely upon them as we continue to retrain our brains.
Set Free “N”owww

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