In the Right Hands

pen art JesusI write my leaders hand written notes of encouragement every month. It’s so cool to hear their responses, especially if they can’t read them! With the invention of the computer and the smart phone, I rarely hand write anything anymore. This has caused my penmanship skills to greatly deteriorate. Putting a pen in my hand can lead to scribbles; whereas if you put that same pen in someone else’s hands, you can see a work of art. Same pen, two very different results.
Living with a biblical worldview is a daily process of allowing the Spirit to retrain our brains to think differently. You become more like Jesus and see a work of art by putting the Set Free Nowww tools into the Spirit’s hands. Or, you can never pick them up or use them yourself and end up with religion, an illegible work of man. These tools are God given and need God’s power to allow the great exchange to take place – us with Jesus. I’m getting better at daily giving Him the tools. I hope you are as well.
Set Free Now“W”w

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