Stop Saying, “I’m Fine!”

I'm FineI was watching an episode of one of my favorite TV shows about an officer who, because of the voices in his head of those he couldn’t save, wanted to take his own life. It was his “be tough” advice in one particular incident that led a young boy to stand up to protect his sisters when the bad guys entered their home, rather than hiding along with them, that led to the boy’s death.
The officer kept this secret. When asked how he was doing, smiling he would give the standard line all cops (don’t we all?) give, “I’m good. I’m okay.” Yet this officer wasn’t okay. He couldn’t forgive himself even though it wasn’t his fault. He avoided dealing with the secret that was bouncing off the walls of his mind by staying busy at work and shutting out his wife.
One day he finally retires. With nothing to keep himself or his mind busy he could no longer push it down. The ugly thought came rushing to the surface. It was through the love of his fellow officers that he was kept from pulling the trigger.
The adage that “you’re only as sick as the secrets you keep” is true. Satan wants us to keep saying, “Fine” when we’re not. He wants us to keep thinking, “No one will understand. My problem is unique.” He wants us to keep pushing the destructive thoughts down. He wants us to keep handling our challenges on our own. They’re all lies!
Jesus came to bring life. He came to provide forgiveness. He came to put us into a family that can not only understand what we’re going through, but can also pray us through to wholeness. We’re not to walk this journey with Jesus by ourselves! Pick up and use your biblical tools, one of which is to Walk with other believers, in the power of the Spirit. It’s time to stop saying, “I’m fine” when we’re not. It’s time to find a Bible Impact partner and let the Spirit start drawing us closer to Jesus, where the peace is found, along side them.
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