Praise God for Challenges!

praise GodI received one of the best compliments I person could ever receive. “Chris, you’ve changed. Before you would have been ancy and frustrated. This time, however, you handled it much calmer.”
This comment came from my wife. The challenge was that my blog’s been down for a month. Since January 14, I was given the “wonderful” opportunity to practice what I’ve been preaching. God can change your life if you use the tools He’s given you.
Each day I couldn’t write I focused on the truths the Spirit gave me. God would fulfill His purpose for my life, not me. Jesus was in control of my future, I wasn’t. The Spirit knew what was behind the delay, I couldn’t. The Father is on the throne, I could never be. I could go on, but the challenge presented an opportunity to let the Spirit replace my “type A” behavior with Jesus. It feels so good!
What’s interesting is that I didn’t even know the change had taken place. In my case, those around me would have had to deal with the “old Chris’” reaction to the situation. It took someone else to see Jesus in me, which is what we want right?
The Word and Spirit of God work! I ask you to praise God for what He’s done in my life, which He can do in yours as well. If you’re currently going through a challenge stop and praise God for it. If you put the tools into the Spirit’s hand, Jesus will shine through you too.
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