Fail Forward

fail forwardBecause I missed the football games yesterday I was listening to sports radio as I was driving into work today. The general manager of one of the losing teams had this to say about their loss. “We are going to learn from this loss so we don’t repeat it next year. If we don’t break the game down and learn from it, we’ll end up repeating the same mistakes next year.”
This is a great illustration of the “failing forward” truth behind the Never give up yourself – Jesus’ won’t principle. Though we don’t want to, we will make mistakes until we see Jesus face to face. It will take time to retrain our brains to think through each situation biblically so we can hear Jesus and then do what He says. The question we must ask is, “We will learn from our failures or will we repeat them?” We can fail forward or fall back. The choice is ours.
Let’s choose to let the Holy Spirit draw us closer to Jesus by failing forward toward Him.
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