Defeating Defeat

imageThis is a picture of the Jordan River. Not much to look at, but understand that all of the water for this end of the Jordan comes from the Sea of Galilee, which is the main source of drinking water both the Israelis and the Jordanians.
It’s also a picture of defeat and victory. A few thousand years ago, 12 men crossed into Canaan at this point to do some recon work for the Israeli leadership. Ten of these men lacked the faith in God and His promises to conquer this land and experience an unimaginable life. These ten men caused an entire nation to wander in the desert in defeat.
Fast forward 40 years. A group of men, priests, carried the Ark, stepped into the Jordan based upon God’s promises and saw God become very real to them. God caused the River to stop a few miles up stream allowing the entire nation this time to walk into Canaan – same place, different result.
We’ve all experienced defeat. We don’t have to define ourselves, however, by those defeats. Jesus came to snatch victory out of defeat. All He is asking us to do is to trust in Him and His promises – the truths at the point of the lies – and then walk with Him as we put those truths into action.
He is asking you to do exactly the same thing He asked the priests to do – step into the water and let Him do the rest. Using our biblical tools we can defeat our past defeats to experience an unimaginable life today.
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