Sweet Memories

imageToday we visited a Bedouin camp where we ate some great food and rode a camel. During our time here, our tour guide told us about the Bedouin culture and many of their customs. One such custom was to drink bitter coffee as a reminder of the harsh and often bitter life they lead.
We can learn something from this custom…what not to do! We seem to have long memories when it comes to our failures and the hurts others inflicted on us and short memories when it comes to God’s victories in our lives.
Why remember our failures? Why bring up old hurts? Doing both of these only makes our lives bitter! We need to instead forgive those who’ve hurt us and put up our shield of faith in that forgiveness when those painful memories come back. We need to focus on who Jesus is and what He has done in our lives knowing He can do it again. Oh how sweet the memories will be when He does so again and again!
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