You Have to Want to Change

imageWe spent a great day in Jerusalem today. We only visited places where we know with great certainty that Jesus would have been; and, He most certainly would have been in this location – a mikvah. This ritual place of immersing in water was just outside the Temple Mount containing the Temple. It was a place every Jewish person would go before heading to the Temple.
The person (male and female – though in segregated mikvahs) lined up on the right side of the divider running down the middle of the stairs that led into the running/living water below. They would take off their clothes before they entered the water as there was to be nothing between them and God. Once they immersed themselves in the water they would come out of the mikvah on the opposite side of the divider making sure not to touch anyone on their way out. After drying off they would put on clean clothes. If they touched anyone who hadn’t already been immersed, they would have to get back in line and do it again. They went into the water impure and came out and were to stay pure. They were finally ready to head up to the Temple to make their sacrifice.
This is a great picture of the believer who wants to see their life changed. Before they are ready to be a living sacrifice and see their lives changed by the renewing of their mind (Rom. 12:1-2), they must first want to change!
They must strip themselves of what comes between them and their God – their way of thinking and living (taking off one’s old/dirty clothes). They must recognize that their way of living simply doesn’t work as it only leads to impurity. You can’t play games with your drug of choice. It must be killed (aka going under the water). No half measures will do the job. Only a commitment to stay pure will.
Are you really ready to change or are you still playing with the area that is coming between you and your Jesus? The Spirit is waiting and willing when you are.
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