No Cheap Substitutes

imageimageToday’s tip takes two pictures. The first is a picture of farmland in the Negev desert. God said after bringing His people back to their homeland He would make the desert bloom (Is. 35:1-2), which is exactly what has happened. These are wheat fields and fruit trees being water in the desert! His word can be trusted.
I guess King Solomon trust in God’s word lapsed a little. He built an altar in the Negev city of Arad, which is seen in the second picture. Two things about this altar. First, he wasn’t supposed to build it! The only altar God ever wanted was to be the one in Jerusalem.
Second, the only place where atonement could be made for sins was on the altar in Jerusalem. God was not obligated to accept anyone’s offering made on Solomon’s additional or substitute altar.
Religious works can’t free us from our drugs of choice. Our substitutes for loving Jesus by listening to and doing what He says will never satisfy.
Don’t settle for the dry desert substitutes! Take the truths at the point of the lies and let them wash your brain so your life can bloom with peace. Today trust God’s word by exercising those truths in the situations that make you want your religious activities or the cheap substitutes that can never satisfy.
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