Live Like Jesus

big wave“Live like Jay” is a motto from the surf movie, “Chasing Mavericks”, about the life of Jay Moriaity. He explained his philosophy of life this way, “Don’t take anything for granted, because one minute it can be there and the next minute it can’t, and it happens so quickly. When the negative stuff comes around, just let it go. It all leads to the positive as long as you keep a positive attitude. Enjoy everything you get. That’s one of the most important things in life is really appreciating it because we only get to do this once and it’s not for a long time.”
If only we, as God’s children, would live this way. Negative comes to all of us. The question is, “How will we process it?” You can’t let it go. It must be processed out. We have the choice each day to let our negative thoughts or others negative actions to either drag us away from or draw us closer to the source of real life, Jesus. We do this by filtering out those lies using the truths of God’s word.
As God’s children, we have been given the awesome opportunity to enjoy real living, a kind that will last for eternity, each moment in the presence of love, joy and peace, Jesus. Let’s choose to live like Jesus, who lived each day in the presence of His Father by filtering every situation through Him (Jn. 5:19).
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