When and When Not to Look Back

looking back looking forwardI came across the following quote today while reading my local paper. “My yesterdays walk with me. They keep step; they are gray faces that peer over my shoulder.”
At first I saw a lie in this statement. Letting my past hang around is not a good thing. It’s the gray face, my mistakes and other people’s in my life, hanging over my shoulder that drags me to repeat my sinful behaviors. We don’t hang onto those situations. Instead we work through them with forgiveness to come out the other side to see the sunshine filled smiley faces.
Then I realized that quote could be stating a truth as well. The gray face can be a good thing if it’s used to remember what God has done in our lives. The Spirit wants us to think about where our drugs of choice took us last time. He wants us to remember how it feels to stay in His presence now. Which one do we want – the guilty gray or the warm sunshine feeling?
Looking back is not necessarily bad. It simply depends on what you see when you do – Jesus or you/others? Look back at what Jesus did yesterday so you can then walk forward with Jesus today.
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