Shut ’em Down!

not listening“I don’t receive that!” I would often hear Christians give that line whenever they heard something they didn’t want to hear. I used to think they were simply ignoring reality by hoping for something better, a kind of “name it and claim it” unbiblical form of Christianity.
Yet the more I’ve thought it through, I now believe this phrase reflects rock solid truth. We live in a fallen world intent on destroying our peace and freedom in Christ. We have people in our lives who can and will say very hurtful things to us that are simply not true. We face situations that seem insurmountable from a human perspective. It’s true that we can’t control what people say or what life brings our way, but it’s also true that we can control how we filter what comes our way.
We don’t have to receive lies into our heads! Remember, we become what we dwell on. Therefore, don’t let those hurtful words or situations bounce off the walls of your mind. Shut ‘em down by keeping your truth filter working 24/7, not just when you’re at church or at a Bible study.
As you put specific lie fighting truths into your brain, you’ll have an operational shield of faith that’s ready to shut down the lies before they get into your brain. You can then dwell on the truths (Phil. 4:8) that will set and keep you free from the sinful habits/behaviors that you’d run to if you let them in. It’s okay to not receive lies! Go ahead, make your day by shutting ‘em down in the Spirit’s power.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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