Small Can Become Big

small to bigI recently found out that a very small nervous habit of mine has turned into a major pain. When I need to release nervous energy I move my hands up and down in a very rapid fashion. I’ve been doing it for quite a few years according to my wife. It’s been no problem until I recently discovered I have bursitis in my shoulder! What was an innocent release of energy has turned into quite a bit of pain and a loss of enjoyment of certain activities that I can no longer do.
Ever heard someone say, “Oh that’s no so bad!”? I know I have, repeatedly! Yet, how do we know whether that “not so bad” isn’t going to bite us in the end? If I’d have known years ago that my nervous habit would make it hard to raise my arm above my shoulder, I would have found another way to release that energy.
We are not to judge ourselves by the world’s standards, but by Scripture (Rom. 12:2). No person and especially not society, can see into the future, only Jesus can. This is why we not only need to be in the Word of God, but we need to trust it enough to practice it as well. Being in it will reveal the small stuff while it’s still small and obeying it by faith will keep the small thing from becoming a big pain later.
So, how’s your time in the Word been this week? What are you hearing the Spirit tell you, like any small thing?
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