Outside Sourcing

listening 2The magazine article read, “Third grade teacher in Atlanta who helped federal prosecutors indict 35 educators for secretly changing children’s scores on standardized tests said, “The cheating had been going on so long, we considered it part of our jobs.”
We get so used to our way living; we think there is no other way to live. This is why we need someone outside ourselves to show us that how we’re processing life is not going to give us what we want: peace, love, significance or security.
If we are going to stay living in the freedom Christ gave us, we have to let others into our lives. This is where the Word, the Spirit and the people of God come into play. We should be asking the Spirit as we read the Word to show us what we need to see and hear in order to expose and exchange the lies with specific truths.  We should be giving a trusted brother or sister the right to speak into our lives to help us hear from the Spirit and the Word. If not, you’ll just consider what you’re doing part of the job and someday your bubble will burst with disappoint and disillusionment instead of being pumped up with fulfillment and hope.
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