Stand Your Ground!

stand firmWell another funny thing happened on a prayer walk. I was having a great time with Jesus. He was both correcting and encouraging me at the same time. As I’m enjoying my time with Him, out of now where comes a teeth-bared, hair raised, barking dog.
There was no way I was going to let this animal ruin my walk with Jesus. I was just having too a great time with my Savior to stop. Showing no fear, I kept walking while keeping my eye on the mutt. Eventually it wandered back home without attacking.
We can walk with and enjoy our Savior throughout our day. We do this by using our biblical tools to stay in His presence. Our enemy, however, will try intimidating us through his bark. He hopes we’ll run to our drug of choice through fear.
He’s only a little mutt! Stand firm in the faith, not a faith, but the faith, which are the truths we’ve put into our head to stare him down (1 Pet. 5:6-9). You can’t stop the barking. You can, however, choose to stand your ground while enjoying the presence of your awesome Savior.
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