The Best GPS on the Market

walk appEach day I take a prayer walk of about 3.5 to 4.5 miles to talk with and listen to my Jesus. I’m usually at home when I take these walks; but today, I’m in a city where I’m not too familiar with the streets. So I pulled out my walking app that uses a GPS to track my walk. Praise God for technology! Using this app allowed me to walk on streets lined with beautifully green landscaped yards instead of heavily traveled roads while getting me safely back to where I was staying in time to prepare for my next appointment.
A funny thing happened on my walk though. The GPS was wrong on one particular street. Instead of being able to keep walking, I was starring at a “grove” of trees in the middle of the street! What in the world? I soon discovered the pavement began again just on the other side of them. Whew, saved from a time wasting detour!
The Word of God is a great GPS for our daily walks. It can save us from time wasting detours (aka our drugs of choice – behaviors that draw us away from Jesus) as well as speak to us as we walk! Jesus said His sheep hear His voice and follow Him.
Hopefully you’re keeping your GPS updated daily through being in the Word and listening for the truths the Spirit wants you to upload into your filter. I have to tell you from recent experience (read yesterday’s entry) I would have been lost in the time wasters of doubt and worry if I hadn’t!
As we continue to learn to trust Jesus and His Word, we’ll stay out of life’s dead end streets to stay living where the good stuff is found – His presence.
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