Stay Down or Grow Up

growing up is not easyFish don’t know their wet. Since all they’ve ever known is water, why would they ever think about the concept of “dry”? We are like fish until the Spirit shines the light of Jesus into our lives.
At this point in our lives all we know is all we know, but what we know may be wrong! We have no idea as to the damage caused by the old nature to our brains. We can’t comprehend all the past unfiltered thoughts that have entered our brains. In other words, we don’t see the need to change until Someone points it out.
Therefore, I want to give another thought on why God commands us to be holy. It’s in our best interest to be so! Holiness turns us into the person He created us to be. We started off as fallen creatures. Through faith we became children of God. The Spirit then begins the process of returning us to the image of Jesus. The Spirit is raising our game, not ruining our fun, by making us holy.
Wasted potential is a complete waste. Holiness is a good thing as it means we’re becoming more like our God-given potential – Jesus. Today, you have a choice. Stay down by laying your biblical tools down and or grow up through picking them up. I pray you pick them up.
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