Who’s In Your Head?

in your headA well known golfer recently lost a tournament because he let his opponent into his head. Understand golf is an individual sport. No one controls your shots but you. Yet, he let what a fellow player was doing affect his game. He kept hitting bad shot after bad shot instead of putting the ball in the cup in a few strokes simply because of what was going on inside his head. He went from the cusp of victory to the throes of defeat.
We have an enemy who wants to rob us of victory by getting into our heads. Don’t let him! We can put specific truths at the point of the lie from God’s Word into our brains. We can hold up our shield of faith built with those truths that will extinguish his darts (i.e. lies).
We control our choices because we are children of God. And as such, we can ask the Spirit for the power to expose the lies in our head and exchange them with the truths He gives us. We can ask the Spirit for strength to hold up our shield of faith (i.e. focusing on specific truths) to keep our enemy’s lies from even getting into our head.
Your daily victory over the area(s) of your life the Spirit wants to replace with Jesus is based on who you listen to. Hopefully, you’ve only let one person into your head – Jesus.
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