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Focus on JesusI read Psalm 66 this morning. “Shout with joy to God, all the earth! Say to God, ‘How awesome are you deeds!’ Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what He has done for me.”
I saw God in all His awesomeness yesterday. I saw someone, who struggled with a decision, slow things down. Listen to Jesus. Then follow Jesus. The result was that Jesus’ supernatural love flowed through them (they had no love for the person they had to face), and a whole lot of lives were touched. Our God is indeed awesome. I was looking at a changed life. I saw Jesus in them. I experienced the power of God right before my eyes! I’m still high off the entire episode.
Let’s not lose the forest through the trees. Daily living is about Jesus, not us. Daily choices are about following Jesus, not ourselves. As we do, our character will be replaced with Jesus’. Bingo! Big picture accomplished.
So you’re ready to share in your Bible Impact Group, take a moment right now and praise Jesus for what He’s already done for you. By remembering what how far He has already taken you, you’ll be standing on solid footing when He asks you to trust Him with the next step you’re to take.
So please, if you would, let me in on them by leaving a reply. I’d love to hear some of your praises!
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2 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. Love the story of changed lives! I am learning every day that the tools (processing everything through the Word, replacing the lies with His Truths, forgiving myself and others through prayer, and applying the Truths of what He is showing me … [that’s the hard part]…) WORKS!! I have seen His hand work in changing my outlook in circumstances that otherwise I would have-could have allowed myself to become very discouraged over, which leads to feelings of depression and wanting to ‘quit’ or give up. But, working through them gives me renewed strength through the victories I have in Christ. I remind myself of Who I am in Him, How much He has done for me, How much He loves me, and that His promises are eternal and I have a future and a hope besides the healing and joy I can have each day right now. I see changes in areas of my life that I can only say ‘Thank You Jesus’ for them.
    I praise Him for all of it, even when I can’t see the big picture, I know there is a bigger picture and He knows the whole story. I choose to trust Him and choose to keep walking in the ways He is showing me, and choose to process the challenges more and more. There is freedom.

    • Your Jesus story is continuing to grow with each victory. I know the Lord will use what He’s done in your life to touch many for Him. I know. He’s touched mine. Thanks for sharing!

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