Our Own Peace Keepers

peaceComic strips often contain kernels of truth. In this particular strip, the main character, Danae, is resting against a tree when a friend walks-up and asks, “Wathcha doing?” She responds by telling him, “Shut up and mind your own stupid business!”
Taken back, he says, “Well, excuuuuse me!” “No,” she replies, “that’s what I’m calling my new peace movement. We wouldn’t have any problems if everyone just kept the junk inside their head from spilling out.” True, but the junk does spill out.
Those around us can and will do dumb stuff to us and we have absolutely no ability to stop them. The only thing we can control is how we filter that stuff using our biblical tools to listen to and follow Jesus no matter what is said or done to us. We are the keepers of our own peace.
We can be at peace in stressful situations because we’re in relationship with the Prince of Peace. We can live in His presence and enjoy calmness, despite what’s going on around us, if we would only process each situation through our biblical filter. Your peace is up to you and the choices you make, not the choices made by others.
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