Tools Can’t Pick Themselves Up

pick up toolsThe bird’s hungry. It sees the cashew outside its cage. It wants the cashew, but can’t reach it. So it picks up a stick and drags the cashew closer so he can satisfy his hunger.
David writes that his “soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods” when he seeks the Lord (Ps. 63). Jesus is that cashew that can fill your soul’s hunger. But you have to pick up and use your biblical tools (Set Free Nowww) each day to draw closer to Him. You can look at and want that cashew all you want. You can even pray for that cashew to all of a sudden appear inside your cage. God may choose to do so, but what if He doesn’t? Will you starve and get mad at God or pick up and use your biblical tools to get closer to Jesus?
The peace and satisfaction, the cashew, you’re so hungry for are not out of reach if you use your Spirit given tools. They can’t pick themselves up, though. You must choose to use them each day by faith. What tool will you use today?
“Set Free Nowww”

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