Bad Comes with the Good

bad and goodWell, it’s happened twice since the year began. My website went down. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I have to say it’s been a mixed blessing though. I haven’t had to deal with any spam for a week! On the downside, the Lord hasn’t been able to minister to either you or me through the writing of this blog.
Me? Yup. These daily entries are often exactly what I need to hear to help me to stay focused on Jesus.
So yeah, it’s a bummer the site went down. Yet, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. We live in a fallen world where bad stuff happens. Websites are not accessible, money is tight, cars get broken into, household chores never seem to get done, etc. Our enemy doesn’t want to make our lives easier. Yet our great and awesome God can turn these attacks into victories as we stay focused on and walk in the presence of Jesus everyday everywhere using our biblical tools.
This is why the first tool is so important: I’m secure because I’m God’s child. Yeah, we all face challenges and bummer-like days. But we love a good God who can use those challenges to turn us into Christ’s image and those bummer days into blessings.
My friend, stay focused on Jesus today rather than on the bad. Oh yeah, thanks ahead of time for entering the battle through prayer to keep this site up and running all year long!
“S”et Free Nowww

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