Fly in Formation

I was sitting on a bench over looking the Pacific Ocean when all of a sudden about ten pelicans materialized directly above my head! I thought they were dive bombing me, when I realized they were just flying in formation. I could count their number and observe their tight knit formation, which was evenly space from one bird to the next all the way down the line.
This formation reminded me of the lesson I learned many years ago. Yeah, I know I’m getting older (I didn’t say, “Old!” lol), but I’m still learning fun useful facts. I know the first bird in the formation has the toughest job. It breaks the air causing it to flow around the remaining birds, allowing them to use less energy. When the lead bird gets tired, it simply goes to the end of the line letting another bird take the brunt of the work, which allows the entire team to fly further easier.
This formation also reminded me of why God put over 38 one another phrases in the New Testament. We’re supposed to walk this journey to become more like Jesus with other believers! Yes you can love Jesus on your own, but life-change and victory over your drugs of choice happen more rapidly if you walk with others.
Are you flying solo or in formation with others?
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