Control the Moment

the momentWe have a local high school female athlete who starred on two different sports teams that each won championships. In an article about her, the author stated, “Maintaining composure is the biggest lesson she took away from her volleyball team’s championship run, she said, ‘Even when things are going bad, you just have to stay calm and be aware of your surroundings.’”
There are moments in sports, as in life, where momentum appears to be slipping away from you and/or your team. You can either let your emotions go with the momentum or stay calm and try to reverse course.
It’s the same the believer in Christ. We all face moments where life seems to be getting out of control. If we let the moment control us rather than us staying in control of the moment, we will more than likely handle life with our drug of choice. Yet if we were to freeze frame our thoughts when those “out of control” moments arise, we’d realize we can reverse course through the Spirit’s power to do what Jesus would have us do at that moment.
Victory comes as we control the moment, not by letting it control us.
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