We Call Them Expectations

expectationsExpectations. They can never be met if they are never communicated. We call this frustration. They can sometimes be met even if they are clearly communicated. We call this disappointment.
Let’s be honest. We want our expectations met or we wouldn’t have them in the first place. When we start to feel bad because our expectations are not met, our enemy usually has our drugs of choice strategically placed right before us. The Bible calls this temptation.
Let me give you a victorious strategy. Ask the Spirit if your expectations, whether communicated or not, line up with Scripture. If not, they can never be met and you’ll be constantly tempted to deal with your frustration and disappointment your way (aka take your drug of choice). If your expectation is dependent upon anyone outside you and Jesus, you’ve set yourself up for failure. Imperfect human beings will meet your needs imperfectly. We call this hurt.
Want to stop hurting and start healing? Get into the Word of God for yourself to hear Jesus speak to you. Let Him tell you what to expect. Those expectations will be met. The Bible calls this victory.
“S”et Free Nowww

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