Know When to Walk Away

wave line upI said, “What a bummer!” as I was looking out on waves I could never ride. You see, I don’t get much surf time as the Lord has me living over an hour from the beach. So here I am on vacation within a very short walking distance of the beach looking at some great waves to ride … for someone else.
I’m relegated to surfing smaller waves on a longboard due to my lack of surf time and arthritis in one shoulder. What I was looking at was far from my surfing enjoyment conditions. Yeah, I could have gone out anyways. I’d only have gotten extremely exhausted from the paddle out and been greatly frustrated over not being able to ride any waves if I had. Why put myself through it?
This is part of what Jesus meant when He told us “to watch and pray so that you won’t enter temptation.” Why put yourself into situations that make it hard to listen to and follow Jesus and easier to take your drug of choice?
We must have long memories of both our defeats and our victories. We have to know when to both walk away to and walk forward freedom. Sometimes it’s simply not worth getting the water.
Set Free No“W”ww

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