the power of A child of God.

power of oneA friend of mine wrote the following in regards to Jonah, who listened to and followed His God.
“Often we believers are hesitant to respond to God’s prompting, forgetting (or not trusting) that He alone sees the big picture. Our fears and hesitations, although understandable, are not reasons to disobey. If God is calling you to do something, do it! You never know how ready someone is to receive what you have to share, and the result can mean life from death.
“Please do not underestimate the power of one person acting in obedience to God’s call! God can work through us to accomplish His plan. One man’s obedience can bring life to those who were on the path towards death.”
An entire city of over 120,000 people was saved, literally and spiritually, because one man dared to listen to and share the story (yes it was reluctantly, but he did it!) the Almighty God had given him.
One child of God who dares to listen to and follow Jesus through filtering their daily life through the truths found in God’s Word can touch countless lives, literally and spiritually, for eternity. Get this. Jesus even tells us He will give us the words to say when we do (Matt. 10:18-20)! So keep listening and following Jesus everywhere you go.
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