Who’s your Daddy?

Whos your daddy“God let me down!” Did He? A friend and I were talking about this earlier in the week. Everyone, including prebelievers, have expectations of who God is and what He should do. Yet, if these expectations of God don’t line up with the truth, those expectations will never be met, leaving one disappointed in God, disillusioned with life, and defeated in terms of their drugs of choice.
Therefore, it is super critical for the believer who wants victory over their repeated sinful behaviors to know and understand who their God truly is. Jesus will always act consistently with who He is. And because He is love and is good, He will always do what is best for us.
Now, how He does what is best for us may look differently from how we expected it to. At that point, believers have a choice. Let God replace their misconceptions with the truths about Him; thereby letting Him change their life, which only grows their Jesus story. Or, they can run away from Him saying, “Been there. Done that. Didn’t work.” This only leads to either an unsatisfying life and/or white knuckle ride until they head home.
Hopefully, you’ll allow the Spirit change your thinking and life through revealing who your Daddy really is, which will give you the abundant life Jesus promised to those who believe in Him.
“S”et Free Nowww

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