Father Knows Best

father knows bestMany of our problems stem from one of two mistakes. One, we either try to play God. Or two, we try to make God into our image.
We play God when we think we know exactly what we need and demand that He meet our “needs” our way, on our timetable. We make God into our image when we ask Him to act how we think He should act. Then we run to our drugs of choice if He does neither. Do we really know what’s best for us? Do we really want a God who acts like a limited self-centered babbling human? We’d have to answer in the negative, if we are honest with ourselves.
Therefore, if we want to experience daily victory, we must come to the realization that He alone knows what’s best for us. We must also realize that I’m the only one who loses when I make God into my image. If He is just like me, He can’t help me. He would have no more insight or power than I do.
The requisite of real faith is to trust that our God knows better about what we need than we do and that only as the God of Scripture can He keep us free from our repeated sinful behaviors. Faith means to believe that He exists, is a good God who only wants the best for us, and as God has the power to help us. As secure children of God, our Father truly does know best.
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