Control or Freedom – It’s Your Choice

Rules“Dang it! I fell back into that trap again!” This is what I said to myself yesterday as I finally let the Spirit break into my thinking. I had gone back to living by my daily to-do list. I kept referring back to it each time I finished a needed task rather than listening to Jesus by asking, “What’s next?” And I wondered why my joy was being drained. Duh! This process of retraining our brains sure is a drag at times.
How about you? Is your daily life driven by rules (insert your to-do list) or by relationship? Having a set list of rules is much easier to live by than relationship. “Hey, I have the 10 Commandments. I’m doing okay. I’m not breaking any of them. I’m feeling pretty satisfied right now as I got my to-do list accomplished. ” Sure you’re not breaking them, but you’re breaking Jesus’ heart. Sure you got stuff done, but was it temporary satisfaction or the eternal kind?
If your focus is on your set list each day, it certainly can’t be on Jesus. Yet God wants to speak with us face to face (Deut. 5:4). Jesus desires that we listen to and follow Him (Jn. 10:27). How can we do that if we are facing and listening to our to-do lists?
Lists keep us in control. Are we not our greatest problem? Listening keeps Jesus in control. Isn’t He the source of all that need? Freedom from your drug of choice starts with who you listen to each day. Control or freedom, which one will you choose today?
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