Live with Jesus not for Him

with Jesus 2Jesus is holy, which means He is complete in and of Himself. He doesn’t need anything or anyone to make Him any better than He already is. He is God, period.
Please let that soak into your thinking. He doesn’t need anything from us; therefore what we do for Him is not needed. Your works, your prayers, your witnessing, your service at church, your money, your…you fill in the blank. He didn’t come to this planet to add you or your stuff to His collection.
No, He came to do something for us! He came to put us into relationship with the Father (Jn. 14:6) where true life can be experienced and to give us the truths (aka your biblical tools) enable us to walk with and stay in the presence of the Father everyday everywhere.
Life is meant to be lived with not for Jesus. Living with will be for Him, but for doesn’t mean with Him as for can be in your power whereas with will be in His.
We are children of God meant to live in relationship with Him each and every day. How’s your relationship with Jesus going today?
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One thought on “Live with Jesus not for Him

  1. I talked with my 43 year old cousin. He informed me that when the new world order occurs, they’re writing God out of existence. Hmmm. I gently went on a quiet tirade asking how you do away with the creator of the universe, but he didn’t get it; there’s no way to take GOD out of life’s equation. There’s no one else I live with Who makes my life SO worth the living.

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