The Foundational Freedom Truth

solid foundationKnowing who you are and to Whom you belong are crucial truths to your freedom.
A number of years ago, my wife and I had to be out of a house we were renting as it was being sold. We spent many a week looking for another place to rent within our price range, which was becoming harder and harder to find with each passing day.
We both knew God had us living where He wanted us. We both also knew we couldn’t afford any of the houses we had seen so far. As time wore on, we both came to the same conclusion. We’d live in a RV park in our tent trailer if that was what God had for us. We both knew we were valuable children of God. We both knew we were love and accepted by Him no matter where we lived. Furthermore, we had each other. We knew we were loved and accepted even if we lived in a tent trailer. Jesus determined our value, not where or in what we lived.
We were able to make such a decision because we both knew we were secure children of God. We didn’t turn to our drugs of choice when each day’s search came up empty. We knew Whose hands we were in and whose job it was to guide us, which He eventually did. How He came through became another story we’ve stored away to fall back on when other stressful situations arose in our lives.
Your drugs of choice only bring temporary relief. Jesus provides joy now and in the long-term. To experience this kind of lasting joy, you must stand on a solid foundation: you are a secure child of God.
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